RDS Products & Systems

Train Positioning System

[3] Train-installable hardware

VTPS hardware comprises a processing box (housing the Navigation Engine software), a camera and an optional lamp. Hardware is designed to provide the necessary resilience for rolling stock operation.

Processing Box – features

The Processing Box provides the physical interfaces for VTPS cameras and other train-borne sensor hardware, as well as the ports for receiving control signals and data feeds. Positioning data from all sources is collated and processed by the RDS Navigation Engine.

The Processing Box houses an EN50155 compliant rail supply, high capacity solid state disk and supports the RDS high definition dual (colour / monochrome) camera.

Internal options:

  • GNSS
  • Inertial
  • VTPS

Interfaces for:

  • Wheel sensor
  • Control signals
  • HD colour and monochrome camera
  • IR lamp sync and power


  • 2 x Gbit Ethernet
  • Serial RS-232,422,485

Additional features:

  • Rail compliant power supply
  • Solid state disk
  • Video recording/streaming (in addition to train positioning, the Processing Box can also act as a forward-facing CCTV camera and stream HD video to a 3rd party DVR and/or internally record up to 1 month of video)

VTPS cameras and lamps

Dual HD colour / monochrome camera

Low-cost monochrome camera

LED IR lamp