RDS Products & Systems

Train Positioning System

[1] Navigation Engine

At the heart of our Train Positioning System is the RDS Navigation Engine software, which can take inputs from multiple sensors to calculate the train’s track-precise position, and then output position data for use in rail applications such as passenger information systems, driver advisory systems (DAS), condition monitoring and fall-back signalling systems.

A modular approach

The Navigation Engine software was developed for our own VTPS, but can interface with multiple sensors (wheel odometers, GNSS, inertial sensors), and information sources (Train Describer feeds, track maps), allowing a modular approach to train positioning system deployments and installations.

Configuration options

[A] TRACK-PRECISE (real-time and dependable)

For applications that require a high-accuracy position the system is built around VTPS.

For increased dependability the system can be supplemented by an inertial sensor, train describer feed and/or VTPS (with sign reader feature).

Applications of track-level position feeds include driver support systems (DSS), driver advisory systems (DAS), remote condition monitoring and selective door opening systems. A high integrity system configuration could also support low-cost and fall-back signalling.

[B] ROUTE-LEVEL (cost-effective and simple)

For applications that do not require high positional accuracy the system is built around a GNSS input.

To extend this route-level positioning to tunnels and other areas not covered by GNSS, the system is supplemented by an additional sensor – a wheel odometer or inertial sensor.

Applications of route-level position feeds include passenger information systems and journey reporting.